What is the Demartini Method?

Everyone likes to have some certainty before they take action.

The Demartini Method® dissolves those emotional responses that plague and inhibit you from becoming your true self.

A foolproof and effective means, The Demartini Method® transforms any form of conflict or stress into grateful states of love and vitality.  It is an enlightening procedure, which neutralises your emotional charges and balances your mental and physical reactions.

Developed by Dr. John F. Demartini, it is the culmination of more than thirty eight years of research and studies in numerous disciplines including physics, philosophy, theology, astronomy, mathematics, metaphysics, psychology, neurology and physiology.

A systematic pre-determined series of mental questions and physical actions directed toward the objective of bringing to your conscious mind the states of presence and certainty, and to your physical body the feelings of gratitude and unconditional love.

A non-threatening procedure that neutralises your emotional charge(s), balances your mental and physical reactions, opens your heart and clears your mind. A continuous thinking and writing action repeated over a course of time that results in a resolution of dis-equilibrated perceptions. A reproducible science enabling you to discover the underlying order governing your apparent daily chaos.

This unique methodology helps you achieve a marked increase in your productivity and provides you with a new language for effecting significant and lasting change. It is designed so that the benefits and results are tailored to your specific issues and concerns. You walk away knowing that this was truly one of the most valued and rewarding events of your life.

Dr. John Demartini talks about The Demartini Method®
Living a Rationally Fearless Life: Decreasing Fear

The problem is that your brain’s natural programming goes haywire sometimes, and you get held back by irrational fear and anxiety. You might be afraid of threats that no longer exist, or you might even have an irrational fear of things that never existed.

As far as we know, there are no giant tigers hunting in the suburbs. Even back in primitive times, a person who refused to leave the camp to gather food because he saw a tiger three weeks ago, but had not seen one since, was unlikely to prosper.

What is Fear?

Reduced to a simple definition, fear is an unpleasant emotion sparked by the belief that you are threatened. Fear arises when you assume, or supposed to be the fact, that in the near or far future you are going to experience, through your passive senses or imagination, more pains than pleasures, more losses than gains, more negatives than positives, or more challenges than supports from yourself or other(s).

If the fear of disease helps you stop smoking or the threat of car accidents helps you remember to remind your children to buckle their seatbelts, fear might be unpleasant, but it can also be considered positive. It helps you protect yourself and your family from very real threats.

When isn’t fear productive?

Sometimes our big brains do a very good job of translating past experiences into reasonable caution. But often, signals get mixed, and the fear of future threats turns irrational and unproductive. While reasonable fear can be positive, unreasonable fear limits you. It may be just as distractive as the lack of fear.

If the threat of rejection keeps you from asking your boss for a raise or an attractive acquaintance for a date, you need to understand that nobody is likely to ever give you what you want if you never even ask. If your last request for a raise or a date got turned down, you might take the reasonable caution of trying to formulate your question better next time, but it doesn’t mean you should never try again.

In these instances, as Franklin D. Roosevelt so famously said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” A refusal is not going to turn you into cat food. In fact, a refusal is simply a sign that you need more practice or a different opportunity. Consider it part of your education.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Fear

In order to reduce fear, you need to stop being afraid of fear. The Demartini Method® is a powerful transformative tool that can change the way you think about perceived threats. This synergistic process combines over 40 years of research and combines many scientific disciplines. It has been proven to change the way that people emotionally and physically react and balance their emotional states.

By using the Demartini Method® you can enjoy your day with a greater sense of certainty in your actions and gratitude for everything that goes right. This certainty helps you eliminate irrational fear and put negative experiences in perspective.

I’m a trained Demartini Method® Facilitator, and I want to help you begin living the life you were born to live. Please call or email me right away to learn how you can begin to balance your emotions, make more progress and improve the lives of the people around you.

A consultation – What’s In It For Me?

  • Help you breakthrough fears and guilt
  • Add clarity to your mission and direction.
  • Generate leadership qualities.
  • Bring understanding to work events.
  • Resolve conflict.
  • Decrease blame.
  • Add respect and understanding
  • Enhance intimate communication.
  • Increase wise action and decrease foolish reaction.
  • Inspire a greater drive.
  • Enable you to see the pros and cons of decisions, in advance.
  • Add more certainty and clarity to your career direction.
  • Open your mind to greater wisdom and truth.
  • Open your heart to greater love and appreciation.
  • Organize your ideas and thoughts, bringing order out of chaos.
  • Clear away your emotionally charged memories and imaginations.
  • Help you develop more certainty and presence.
  • Expand your mind and awaken your intuitive faculties.
  • Help you develop greater self-worth.
  • Expand your time horizons and patience.
  • Moderate your over or under spending.
  • Decrease your excuses that tend to sabotage wealth.
  • Clear emotionally charged tensions.
  • Dissolve stress and add vitality.
  • Calm emotions and relaxes muscles.
  • Make you feel lighter and sleep sounder.

The desires that drive us as human beings are all very similar and come down to a small number of core aspects.

We all want to realize our dreams for gain or profit and we desire to be noticed and recognized. We also want and need to improve and be able to do things more efficiently so that we can operate at peak performance and profitability.

Finally, we seek acceptance and appreciation from our loved ones as our number one fear is often letting down those we love and desire the most.

On completion of The Demartini Method® you will have dissolved some, if not all, of those fears or guilt’s that have plagued you for so long.


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